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Python™ support for EyeLink® eye tracking systems

The pylink Python module

SR Research provides and maintains the pylink Python module as the officially supported method for developing integrations with EyeLink® eye trackers.

Support documentation and other resources for pylink

Please visit our SR Research Support Forms at to access all materials related to supporting EyeLink hardware and software, including the pylink module for Python.

Access to our online support forums first requires that you register an account, which is free and open to all EyeLink users. There may be a brief delay activating new accounts, as we review these account registrations manually.

Registered users on our support forums have access to the pylink related resources linked below, in addition to the rest of our support resources and software downloads.

Links to pylink resources

Requirements for using pylink

The pylink module is distributed as a compiled library for Python that wraps our EyeLink C API. Using pylink in most cases first requires the installation of our EyeLink Developers Kit, which includes the C API dependency libraries required by pylink.

Instructions for downloading and installing the EyeLink Developers Kit for Windows, macOS, and Linux can be accessed on our support forums.

Support resources for the EyeLink Developers Kit

Installing the pylink module with pip

The pylink module can be installed into compatible Python environments in one of a few ways. The installation methods documented below describe only the method for installing pylink using pip and our PyPi repository hosted at this url. For information regarding the installation of pylink as it is otherwise distributed with the EyeLink Developers Kit, please consult our Support Forms for more information.

Installing pylink with pip from our PyPi server requires that pip is configured to trust the URL of our server. This can be done following one of the examples below.

The pylink module is installed as a part of the sr-research-pylink meta-package. While it is not always common to install a Python module using pip with a name that differes from the package which pip is instructed to install, using the sr-research-pylink package name for installing the pylink module is deliberate to reduce the chance of confusion/conflicts with the unrelated pylink package that is hosted on the public repository.

pip one-liner

To install the pylink module provided in the sr-research-pylink meta-package, run the following pip install command:

        pip install --index-url= sr-research-pylink
If your Python installation does not have pip installed, please refer to the installation section in the official pip documentation. The pip User Guide is a useful reference for information regarding the various package installation options/flags.